A Message from our MD

A Message from our MD

On the 21 March 2015 we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day.

14 years ago I was blessed to have a child with Down Syndrome. From the very first minute that I saw and held Jamie I had this overwhelming love for him. The most difficult thing for me to deal with was the negativity of “professionals”. I was told about all of the things my child would never be able to do and all of the medical conditions that may occur due to him having Down Syndrome. My husband and I even had a medical doctor tell us that having a child with Down Syndrome often resulted in divorce!

What I can tell you is that none of the above is true! My child CAN do many things and he has been as healthy as our other children. He has taught my husband and I and our other children the most amazing lessons that we would not have learnt if we did not have him in our lives.

I Can! is in existence because of this amazing boy! Because of Jamie, I work with the most amazing people and we as a team are able to make an incredible difference in over 600 people with disabilities lives.

People with Down Syndrome CAN work, learn, swim, run, play and most importantly contribute in a meaningful way to society. Don’t let your own preconceived ideas restrict them. Give them a chance and you will be amazed at what you see!

Ali Smeeton
MD of I Can!