We are very sad to say goodbye to the first group of learners exiting the PE academy. Over the last year these learners have taught us so much about life and shared so much of themselves with the staff that it is so sad that they are leaving. They have big dreams and we are thankful to have shared in that for the past year.

Samkela Rala, 18 years:

What has the learnership meant to you and I Can means to you?

“I’m very grateful for the skills and experiences gained through the learnership. I have learnt so much; Module 1, Relationship with the employer taught me how to communicate and interact in the workplace. I am truly thankful for the opportunity and if another learnership would become available then I would not hesitate to sign up.’ I Can! and my facilitators has also taught me presentations skills; I am very shy and in the beginning I was not able to speak in front of my class or other people.

What are you planning to do next and what are your goals?

“I am planning to do a Business Practice learnership next year. I will try to get employment in the meanwhile because the knowledge that I have gained at I Can! has equipped me to do so. I used to have such a low self-esteem but during the past year I have gained a lot of confidence.”


Luzuko Naliti, 21 years: 

What has the learnership meant to you and I Can! means to you?

The learnership has changed my life because now I have a positive attitude towards life.  I have learnt and engaged in good practice and this will help me in the long run.

What are you planning to do next and what are your goals?

My goal is to study further and gain more knowledge. At the moment my learnership is ending but hopefully I will find a way of living. I have learned so many good things such as dealing with the module called relationship with the employer, this has helped me to be more articulate. Another module is called Personal Finance, this module also helped my family and friends. This assisted them in ensuring they do not end up in debt by means of budgeting. Rather than make debt they should try saving. I have told people that they should save for rainy days maybe they will have serious financial problems.

I Can! wishes Samke and Luzuko and the 17 other learners who will finish this month a prosperous future. May they continue to grow into the beautiful men and women they have become.



Our Cape Town Domestic Services Learners have been honoured at their graduation on  March 25 held at the Bellville Civic Theatre.  It was a  special  occasion for our graduating  learners, all kitted out and ready to receive their recognition. Parents and some clients  were invited to enjoy being part of this special day.

79 of our graduates received Certificates of Completion with delight and pride in their achievements and hard work. The parents of  graduates were as proud in their role as  facilitators of the learner’s accomplishments. The graduates and some current learners at the Academy, showcased a beautiful song and dance routine to entertain  guests.

We wish our graduates the very best on their endeavours and trust they will be able to utilise their newfound skills and knowledge in their own lives and continue to strive to achieve success in all they set out to do.

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