“Up-skilling” in Bellville- Literacy Classes

“Up-skilling” in Bellville- Literacy Classes

Literacy is important in every aspect of one’s life, therefore we at I Can! Bellville have embarked on an initiative to increase literacy and assist our learners who have been struggling. Extra classes have been scheduled and have been a welcome addition by the learners and the facilitators alike and supported by our Academy Supervisor.

Several learners were identified by facilitators and booked to attend daily sessions for 30 minutes to be held after their scheduled classes. The Programme concentrates on improving their reading, writing, spelling and comprehension skills. We want our learners to be able to work independently on their learnerships and to become efficient, reliable workers once completed. When they show sufficient progress in literacy, the Programme will be extended to basic numeracy skills as well.

Jo-Anne Lindoor has been selected as the facilitator to conduct the additional literacy classes. Jo-Anne is one of our current Domestic Services facilitators. She has vast experience in this field and has helped many underprivileged children learn to read and write in previous employment experience. She also has history of working miracles with learners in her classes here at I Can! The decision to have Jo-Anne run these classes stems from her ability unique ability to motivate and assist the learners.

The learners have shown great determination and perseverance and have grabbed on to this opportunity with both hands.

Here at I Can! we believe in developing the individual learner holistically and we are continually striving to build self-confidence and self-esteem. Learners should have pride in their work, always doing their best and being kind to fellow students.

Success Story – Nosipho Msomi

Nosipho Msomi is a hearing impaired learner from the Durban North Academy who completed the Business Practice Learnership on 23 March 2014.

Often, at the I Can! Acadimies, the question would be asked to Nosipho (and her classmates) – “What they would like to do after their learnership is completed?” Each an every time Nosipho’s answer would remain exactly the same: “I want to be a chef”.

We are happy to report that hardly two months after completing her learnership, Nosipho is doing exactly what she set out to do.  She is now a Chef in Mayville Hospital.  She could not be any happier and we must point out that she looks very smart in her uniform.

We wish Nosipho all the best for the future.