Business Practical – Learner Success Story

Durban North Academy

It’s always nice to report on a success story and this one is no exception.

Anastacia Lebona completed the Business Practical Learnership program in September 2014. Anastacia has a physical disability but she never allowed this to dampen her enthusiasm. She showed great potential right from the start of the program and very rarely missed a class, being always eager to learn. Needless to say, she completed the course with flying colours.

Anastacia would attend on-site practical work with Bidclick , who sponsored her learnership, requested that she gain practical experience on their site once a week, and were so impressed with her dedication, hard work, and performance that they offered her employment as soon as the learnership program ended! She is currently getting experience in various departments within the company as she is groomed for a future supervisory role.

There are huge benefits for clients who choose to take on and employ learners whom they have sponsored on a learnership program, making them eligible for the 5 bonus points on the Skills Development score card. The disabled learners not only receive a qualification at the end of the Learnership program but are also groomed and coached as confident, hardworking and employable people who are keen to learn more.

Natasha Mc Allister
Operations Manager – KZN