A Year in Review


When asked to take time to think about ending the year off there were so many things to write about with all the new and exciting things happing in I Can! Reflecting on the Month of November as Disability Month, we thought it appropriate to write about the core of our business, which is our learners of course.

What a beautiful way to start November with light showers in the Western Cape. As we slowly approach the festive season we take the time to reflect on the months gone by in 2014. Take a step back to when we started the year, some new learners, some not so new. These are our most prized assets and it is with this in mind that we hone in on the abilities that lie with them despite their disabilities.

Learners from all walks of life visit our academies to enquire about opportunities to gain some skill or knowledge. It is not only our mission to ensure we provide each possible candidate an opportunity to engage with us in order to either place them on a learnership or at an employer. It is our commitment to our learners that drives us to deliver. Our learners have the innate ability to be part of a bigger picture through consistency and perseverance to complete a learnership. Their abilities are infinite when they are given the right tools and the proper guidance.

We have engaged with many sites who have been willing to open their doors to allow our learners to engage and gain work place experience. These opportunities provide them with the courage to do things for themselves when they have always had someone tend to their every need because of their disability. No longer do our learners fear having to travel alone to the academy nor to their practical work site, because they have overcome the stigma that they need to be hand-held to achieve success on their own. We reflect on those who have never been able to master the art of being an individual, those who have always relied on their parents or guardians to make the decisions for them. We are proud to be part of the changes that our learners have gone through on their learning journey. Proud to have seen the growth and determination to achieve.

Let’s take the time to reflect on our own abilities, and celebrate along with our learners who have disabilities. November we dedicate our accomplishments and achievements to overcoming the inability to see past the individuals’ disability.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

Madre Human
General Manager: I Can!