Cape Town Bellville and PDC has a new Quantum!

October started off on a high note when we received a very welcomed gift from ADCORP.

Western Cape Academies are now proud owners of a Quantum. We would like to thank ADCORP for sponsoring the Quantum for our Bellville and Parc Du Cap Academies. It goes without saying that this gift will be of great assistance when we are required to transport our learners to various sponsor’s premises.

Our first trip in the van was to I &J on the 16 October 2014. The learners were invited to tour the I &J Factory in Woodstock, Cape Town. The learners were excited and thrilled to be visiting their sponsor. Not even the rain on that day could have dampened the spirit of the learners.

We were greeted by staff who also acted as our tour guides. We were then escorted to the change area where we had to wear standard overalls and boots for the tour. The learners were then taken to all the different areas of the factory and saw for themselves how the fish, (hake in this case) was cleaned, sorted, and packed. I&J employees were very friendly and greeted us as we went along the tour. It was indeed an eventful morning and we would like to thank I&J for taking the time to show us around their premises and for the friendliness of their staff.

Maryam Kriel
Operations Manager – W Cape