Nomaxabiso Kungwayo completed her matric in 2006 and furthered her studies to complete a certificate in financial management at MSC College. She enjoys accounting and achieved marks that were top of her class. When she finished her matric, her teacher asked her to tutor other classes when she had to attend meetings. Nomaxabiso acquired perseverance working with the learners and enjoyed transferring knowledge.

Because she was unemployed for a long period of time, Nomaxabiso assumed the role as cleaner for the I Can! Academy. However her dedication and passion for the learners was not overlooked and I Can offered her the opportunity to train as a facilitator by taking part in classes.

She performed so well, facilitation became a calling for Nomaxabiso.  The students enjoyed having her in the class and as a result she was promoted to Life Skills facilitator.

Nomaxabiso welcomed the opportunity offered by I Can! and will do her best to help educate these young adults. She would also like to thank the I Can! staff for treating her with respect when she was a cleaner. This made her further her interests by expanding within I Can! We are glad to have someone as nurturing and who is passionate about the pupils.