First External Moderation for Eastern Cape

After applying for exit moderation for a group of learners at the Port Elizabeth academy, the PE team was given a date for external moderation about a month in advance, which gave us a few weeks to finalize preparations. Planning had taken place to meet Services SETA requirements, but this was an intense process to gather information, ensuring a smooth exit of our first group of learners.

Weeks passed by as meetings were held between the Academy Supervisor Darelle Yon and Programme Co-ordinator Cindy Mclean. On the morning of the 15th of October Lauren Butler the Operations Manager (on maternity leave) arrived to support and share her expertise with the team. Two evaluators from Services SETA arrived to conduct the external moderation. The moderation was scheduled to take place at 10am however the evaluators arrived an hour early! Fortunately we were well prepared and therefore able to commence upon their arrival.

As much as this is a common process among all regions this moderation was a first for the PE team. We believe that we would not be as effective without the ongoing assistance from all regions as it was easy to pick up the phone and ask for guidance. So in this newsletter we would like to thank all of I Can! for their team orientated work ethic which has helped the academy grow as it has. The exit moderation was a great success, the Evaluators had only positive feedback and for this we would like to say thank you to all who assisted in big or small ways. As usual, Louise Carlyle-Mitchell, our extremely competent assessor, who was also on standby, played a particularly valuable role and we continue to appreciate her ongoing guidance.

I Can! PE’s success is not just a success for PE but a success for I Can! as a whole. We not only pay tribute to the hard working team we have in PE but the hard working staff at I Can! Disability Academy! It is easy to take credit but we as a team first of all Give God the glory for what is taking place in our academy and we trust Him for further guidance and growth.

There was great relief as all the hard work had paid off and a special thanks to all the role players that made this moderation a success. To Darelle and Cindy a big thank you for holding the fort and ensuring the moderation ran smoothly.