Katlego Gloria Moloto, 21, is one of our hygiene and cleaning learners in Centurion Branch. She was born with hydrocephalus disorder also known as “water on the brain”. This was discovered three days after her birth. When she was about two months old she had an operation to remove the excessive water, which was drained from her brain via a shunt. Thisshunt was left in her brain to ensure that there is not a build-up of fluid again, but it has caused epilepsy and recently in January she had a heart attack. Katlego’s upbringing has not been easy and her condition affected her learning ability. She left school during grade 9 because of memory loss.

After leaving school, Katlego started to pursue her passion in drama, poetry and dancing. Katlego started to take her life and health seriously by inspiring and motivating people to donate blood as she herself is a donor and a registered member of SANBS club 25.

Katlego said “I appreciate the life that I was given when my operation was conducted and was successful and that is the reason why I’m giving back, by giving a life to others.”

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