I Can! PE has done it again. The strength of this branch lies in the macro-vision of not only with the leadership, but also with the staff. “Whenever we plan to expand our resources or partnerships, I think of ways that will not only be beneficial to the organisation, but also to the other parties involved” Lauren Butler, PE Operations Manager.

This month we take pride in welcoming the newest member to our team, Sinethemba Mgwali, a.k.a. Sine. Sine has just completed a Domestic Services learnership with the PE Academy. Recently when a vacancy came up for General Assistant we had no no doubt that Sine would be the perfect candidate.

“Sine has been a shining star since she started her learnership at I Can! She always came to the offices to see where she could help or what she could do to get involved. Sine showed initiative by reporting shortages in and around the academy even though this was not her responsibility. We identified her as a candidate for this position as she has always been very helpful, respectful and fit right in with the staff at I Can! She is friendly and always willing to assist and a true custodian for I Can! We are grateful to have someone like her join our team.” Darelle Yon, PE Academy supervisor.

Sine shares a bit about herself with us:

1.What did you enjoy about the learnership?

“I enjoy everything about the learnership because it helped me a lot about how to look after yourself and things like cleaning and how you must be with your employer. Have the respect with your employer. How to keep your place clean to take responsibility for the things”.

2. What does this opportunity mean to you?

“It means a lot, I feel very happy. To have a job here at I Can! Really means a lot”.

3. What do you hope to achieve by working for I Can?

“There a lot of things that I want to learn. In the future I wish to work and have my own things like my own car”.

Asking Sine to join the team not only demonstrations our commitment to development, it is also a testimony to the belief and pride we place in our training programmes and the caliber of the candidates we are lucky enough to work with.