I Can! Farm gets its first learners

On the 11th August 20 new learners were inducted and orientated at our I Can! Farm agricultural academy in the Midlands, marking the start of our new agricultural skills programme in Plant Production. Together with their guardians, learners and I Can! staff packed the farm house to capacity, whilst introductions to I Can! and the new programme were made. The learners then enjoyed a walk about on the farm followed by the official orientation session and signing of all the necessary documentation.

This Skills Programme will run for a duration of 12 weeks consisting of 2 days of theory and 1 day of practical work on the farm every week. For the duration of September the learners will be conducting their theoretical work at the HS Ebrahim Special Needs School in Pietermaritzburg whilst we wait for renovations on our new Howick academy to be completed. We expect to officially open this academy on 1 October 2014.

Agriseta has very generously sponsored the Skills Programme. We look forward to impressing them with a very successful and grateful class of competent learners at the end of this year.