I Can! Opens Doors

My name is Livhuwani Edward Nejelele. I am 29 years old. I was born with a disability. I would like to thank I Can! for the opportunity that was given to me.

Before the Learnership I was struggling to get a better opportunity because of my disability. It was hard to understand and accept that I was living with a disability but I am now confident and proud of who I am. People think that living with a disability means that we are not able to do anything in life.

I Can! then came into my life and things changed for me. I had heard that there were positions at a company called Group 5. I kept on asking the recruitment officer when my interview was. She kept telling me that she will get back to me once she gets feedback from the client. Finally I went for an interview with Group 5 for a learnership in Business Administration which was a qualification I had hoped for, as I am business minded.

When I got that opportunity I started telling myself to plant a tree called “work hard to achieve today”. I achieved what I planted on that day of the Group 5 interview. I remember Sushie Naidoo of I Can! recruitment had some wonderful words at our Induction held on the 4th of November 2013. She passed around a Golden Ball for each candidate to touch and put our focus on. Today I enjoy the fruits of Golden Ball because I got a permanent position. I knew before I got a response after my interview that I was successful as I am dedicated to my work. I am a hard worker, energetic and I am very ambitious.

I was in the learnership for a duration of one year and 6 months and did my training at KLM.


During the 6 months of doing practical work, I had a positive influence on people I worked with and due to my work ethic. It was hard to believe that a person with a disability was able complete a task just like an able bodied person.

I have never seen my disability as an excuse when I was given tasks to do. My mentor and all people that I work with know me as a hard working person.


I thank God for giving me an opportunity and the strength to go through this long journey that I went through this whole year. I faced many challenges and I never gave up hence today I am celebrating the fruits of my labour and I am still permanently employed.

I would like to thank Sushie and Thembi from I Can! recruitment for the contribution that they have made in my life. Today I am shining an everlasting light and would like to urge them to continue changing the lives of people living with disabilities.

My message to people living with disabilities is to go out there and show people that our Disability can be an Ability and that we are able to work in the corporate world.

Livhuwani Edward Nejelele
Group 5 employee