I Can Students Giving Back

The students in the East London Academy made a humbling request by asking if they, as an academy, could visit one of the neighbouring children’s home. They wanted to give back to the community and be in a position of being a Giver rather than being the Receiver. I remember them saying, “Mam, people always donated things to us, so we want to donate now and show appreciation of what we have because of I Can”. The staff members were thrilled.

This past summer, the campus went to Sunshine Child & Youth Care Centre. We donated food that was bought and donated by the students themselves. This gesture was one that both inspired and motivated the staff as we realised that the perceptions of our students are changing. They are learning to be more independent and said “Personal Finance taught us to budget so we can buy some stuff for the children”.

Understandably, taking pictures with the children was forbidden therefore the only pictures taken were that of the student’s.

I am proud to say that the difference I Can is making in these students’ lives has instilled in them a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others, especially in the children at Sunshine Child and Youth Care Centre. We will continue to give to those who are less fortunate this coming winter.

Busisa Nokama
Academy Supervisor – East London