Nthabiseng has a physical disability who has abnormality in both hands (hands being deformed), she often needs assistance from her parents and friends with regards to eating and writing as both hands are not functioning.  She also has difficulties of movement in the tongue whilst talking.  Nthabiseng is a hard working learner and she always puts in her best effort in everything that she does.  Completing the Hygiene and cleaning learnership is a priority for her, she indicated that she will achieve this goal by maintaining focus on the bigger picture which is getting more knowledge and being equipped for the future.

Nthabiseng indicated that she enjoys the learning experience that has been offered to her by I Can! She said that she is very determined to completing the entire learning process including the practical’s that she will need to do for the learnership, although the distance to the training venue offers a challenge to her as she quickly gets tired of walking.  Nthabiseng said that she is prepared to go through the challenge to better her life.  She also indicated that her determination has been inspired by her cousin who is a hard working person.

The one thing that Nthabiseng enjoys about the learning experience is working on the lap-top.

Although she is physically disabled Nthabiseng mentioned that she is coping just fine with her disability as is it nothing but normal to her.  She indicated that there is nothing that will get in her way of achieving what she wants in life.  She also said that she is going to enjoy herself while she is at it.

Her future aspirations are to own her own internet cafe’ one day, her own house and a car.