Learn To Earn

Through corporate sponsorship (usually ED or SED spend) Khulisani is providing working experience for people with a disability who have completed learnerships. It’s a win-win…

Khulisani’s mission and focus is to get these young people with a disability employed!

One of the key areas which we have identified as suitable, sustainable and beneficial (to all parties) is work in care facilities: tending to the young and old.

In order for our ex-learners to be employed, a level of training and experience must be attained. Through companies supporting Khulisani (usually an Enterprise Development contribution, but sometimes an SED contribution) Khulisani can pay suitable ex-learners (with a disability) to work at selected, chosen locations (such as LIV Village, TAFTA, Durban Children’s Home, The Domino Foundation etc) providing them with:

  • An income (Khulisani pays their monthly wage)
  • Confidence through support and coaching
  • The necessary work experience to grow and develop
  • Uniforms, supervision and management (to ensure all parties are satisfied with the agreement, and that a high level of approval is reached)

Learn To Earn is an authentic way for your company to position it’s ED or SED spend while helping to provide People with Disabilities with an opportunity to gain valuable job experience – please contact us for information or enquiries.

Rachael Erskine
National Operations Manager