Diabetes mellitus is reaching epidemic proportions worldwide. Type 1 diabetes usually starts in childhood. This form of diabetes requires insulin injections 3-5 times per day. In addition, children and their families have to monitor their blood glucose levels many times a day and be careful about diet and activity. Until a cure is found, insulin injections, blood testing, diet and physical activity are the main focus for these children and their families as they aim to lead normal, healthy lives and prevent complications of diabetes. This places a huge psycho-social burden on the child and his/her family. Support for these children and their families, is therefore essential to ensure the best possible outcomes as they attempt to accomplish this arduous task.

The Sugarbabe Foundation was formed to provide support in the form of camps for children with diabetes. These children range in ages from infancy  to 18 years and are from different socio-economic groups and from all ethnic groups.

The objectives of the foundation are to:

  1. Provide support to children with diabetes and their families through education and information.
  2. Provide psycho-social support to children with diabetes by hosting events where children and their families meet, network and participate in games and other activities.
  3. Raise awareness among the public of the magnitude of the problem of childhood diabetes so that early signs and symptoms can be recognized and medical intervention sought.

The activities undertaken to achieve these goals include overnight adventure camps for children, half day camps for toddlers and their families, support group meetings and the annual World Diabetes Day picnic for children with diabetes and their families.

The London Marathon is one of the world’s largest marathons. Fund-raising has become the hallmark of this event and each year competitors are urged to raise funds for numerous charities. Many participants choose to raise funds for charities that are close to their own hearts.

Debbie Brien, I Can’s HR consultant competed in the London Marathon and has chosen The Sugarbabe Foundation as her nominated charity. She has undertaken to raise funds for the Foundation to carry out its activities in the coming years and to allow the support to develop further.

According to Debbie, it was an unbelievable experience running with 40, 000 other runners, all supporting a charity of their choice, and millions of supporters screaming in support of the runners.  “Running is my passion but to run with Passion and Purpose was the ultimate experience!”