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Capability, in partnership with I Can!, has a unique business proposition that addresses both the needs for persons with a disability and simultaneously allows clients to address a number of their business imperative as well as various BBBEE elements. The solution offered has the following characteristics:

  • I Can! students who are competent, are through the partnership with Capability Cleaning, offered and opportunity to be employed in the cleaning environment.
  • For this initiative to have a commercial meaning for clients, Capability offers a solution in which the person with a disability is employed directly by the client however Capability will manage the cleaning solution allowing our client to focus on its core business.

The costing for this service depends on the following

cleaning sign
Number of Cleaners
hours of service
Hours of Service
cleaning equipments
Equipment & Detergent Required
Number of Supervisors
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Khulisani was founded in 2012 and was established to provide persons with a disability with workplace experience and entrepreneurial opportunities. Khulisani works closely with the I Can! learners during their year-long learnerships.  After this time, we have a strong sense of these learners’ abilities, skills, personalities, interests and work ethic.  Once they have completed their learnership our aim is to position these students in the workplace, or in their own businesses, whilst also providing creative solutions to companies wishing to authentically and meaningfully position their ED and SED contributions. All South African companies are required to spend 1% of their NPAT in order to achieve 5 points under Enterprise Development.  Sponsoring a start-up business or work experience for a person with a disability would enable businesses to not only access the 5 points under Enterprise Development but also the 5 bonus points under Skills Development. Through our Learn to Earn project we are able to provide employment to I Can! learners that have completed their learnership in I Can! This work project provides ex-learners with an income, confidence and workplace experience.

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