Our Learnerships provide opportunities for employers to engage with persons with a disability on various learning models.

The first is the Academy Model. This model provides employers with the opportunity to participate in semi-sheltered learnership programmes. Learners are accommodated on our premises in an Academy on a lead-host employer model.

The second is the Blended Model. Here learners are accommodated on both I Can! and the client’s premises.

Finally employers can participate in a fully-fledged Traditional Learnership Model where the learners are based on the client’s premises.

Our Academy Model Learnerships include:

Domestic Services
Domestic Services/Life Skills (NQF Level 1)
Hygiene and Cleaning
Hygiene and Cleaning (NQF Level 1)
Business Practice
Business Practice (NQF Level 1)
business administration
Business Administration (NQF Level 2)