Yandisa Note

Candidate 2

Sherise Dreyer

Equity: African Female

Disability: Mood Bipolar Disorder

Highest secondary qualifications: Grade 11(1 Subject to complete Matric)

Tertiary qualification/courses: Marketing Management NQF 4, Business Adminitration NQF 3

Work Experience: 3 years + experience working within the following roles as an Admin Assistant, Debt Collector, Cashier and waitress

Sameshen Moonsami

Candidate 6

Sherise Dreyer

Equity: Indian Male

Disability: Schizophrenia

Highest secondary qualifications: Grade 12

Tertiary qualification/courses: Business Practice NQF 1, Business Administration NQF 4, Long Term Insurance NQF 4

Work Experience: 10years + combined work experience in the following positions such as call centre agent, administrator and customer service representative