In 2013 one of our clients, Capacity Outsourcing, began a new pilot program for a group of our intellectually disabled learners that had completed the Domestic Services learnership on ABET Literacy 1.  Capacity  has over the last 3 years sponsored 40 plus learners with a disability on a learnership.

We have identified a massive need for our learners with an intellectual disability to do ABET and asked Capacity to partner with us to pilot the first group.  Capacity  then took it one step further and approached one of their clients, Pharma Natura, to provide our ABET learners with the valuable work-place experience that they require.

Pharma Natura agreed to allow our learners onto their site.  The learners attended classes twice a week and worked at Pharma Natura twice a week.  The learners rotated among several workstations including the kitchen, admin department and the production line.  Prior to the learners starting at Pharma Natura, I Can! ran complementary Sensitisation Workshops with its line managers.

This project has been a huge success.  Not only did the learners do extremely well in their ABET exam, but they flourished with the opportunity to gain workplace experience.  The feedback from the Pharma Natura managers was how “capable” the learners were! Pharma Natura have expressed interest in employing some of the learners!

Thank you to Pharma Natura and Capacity Outsourcing for providing our learners with this wonderful opportunity!

If you would like to participate in this program, either by sponsoring ABET for persons with disabilities or providing our learners with workplace experience, please contact Ali Smeeton on 0846050821.