I Can! Clean – Khulisani

The cleaners of I Can! Clean are people with disabilities, and so we have had to come up with some creative solutions to address challenges we encounter because of these disabilities. We communicate tasks and schedules with pictures, as well as words for those people who may not have strong reading or writing abilities. One of the newest members of our team is Gugu, who is a little person. To contend with her height challenges, she uses a step ladder, rather than having to depend on someone for help.

Our main contractor CCI, have been very understanding in our quest to provide jobs for People With a Disability and have helped us over the last couple of months while we have been on a drive to improve our service and delivery. We have employed 3 new supervisors who, between them have an impressive amount of experience in the corporate- cleaning industry and many years’ experience in cleaner-management. CCI’s expectation for excellence has propelled us to focus on how we structure and execute our service.

If your company is considering a new cleaning company- contract, why not give us a ring to talk about employing I Can! Clean for the job? 031 563 0507

Rachael Erskine